Launch your character into the world, collecting power ups and treasure while avoiding obstacles and bad guys!

Game Overview


Action, Adventure, Shooter

App Store Launch

Q4, 2021


Asteri Entertainment

Current Platform


Launch from your mobile railgun platform, tunnel through the earth and soar through the sky hanging onto your rocket drill, picking up extra fuel and armor as you go. Upgrade your mech suit and drill by collecting precious metals scattered across these lands called “loot”.


Surviving the desolate wasteland of a ruined world is tough. Luckily, you and your fellow survivors are equipped with suits of power-armor and know how to handle massive rocket-propelled drills with lightning-fast reflexes!




Rocket Powered Drill

Raiders (bad guys)

Power-Up Pack

Complete your mission

You must beware! Roving bands of scavenging raiders, killer robots and unfriendly alien life do not look fondly on your mission and will attack without mercy. Fight back by carefully timing your boosts to smash through them from above or below, all while avoiding wreckage and trash that will wreck your armor and send you scurrying back to base.

Choose your driller

Blast through the wasteland with your rocket powered drill

Grab power-ups to help you on your journey

Drill through enemies to defeat them, while dodging their attacks

Can you beat the game?

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